Interior Design Projects

Creating a stylish and functional home interior need not be expensive.

I take a practical approach and work to your taste and budget, tailoring a scheme to meet your specific needs. 

This lovely cottage was transformed by choosing a pastel palette, replacing an old dark leather sofa, and incorporating the client’s original table and rug. 

O'Hara After 5
O'Hara After 12

Previously cramped with overstuffed furnishings, this sitting room was updated with a neutral colour scheme, smaller scale mid-century modern furniture, painted brick and a sleek new mantle. 

Change of Scene_Interior design_Cambridge_1a
Mid Century modern interior design_Change of Scene_Cambridge

The open kitchen/living area is the heart of this busy house. Furniture positioning was key to achieving a successful flow while highlighting views of the garden. The use of vibrant colours, patterns and textures suits the family’s style. 

Kitchen decor_Change of Scene_Cambridge_1
Kitchen decor_Change of Scene_Cambridge

A large wall-mounted TV, kids’ toys and very dark furniture used to dominate this family room. The new, sunny hues reflect light from the garden, creating an indoor-outdoor feel. Swivel chairs allowed the TV to be tucked in the corner.

change of scene_interior design_cambridge_20
Interior design_ Change of Scene_1

Modest changes were all it took to liven up this small sitting room. I kept the original sofa and had the worn armchair reupholstered, removing the skirt for a more contemporary look. Patterned footstools, cheerful cushions and the metallic drum table add sparkle.


This peaceful master bedroom features a calming palette with pops of the clients’ favourite colours. An elegant, eye-catching bench anchors the bed. The addition of a window seat provides for relaxation with views of the garden.

Master Bedroom Interior Design_after_Change of Scene
Master Bedroom Interior Design_after_Change of Scene_2

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