Organising, Tidying, and Room Refreshing Projects

My bespoke projects have included home decluttering, kitchen organising, wardrobe tidying, whole home rearranging, and affordable interior design.

Each home is unique, as is each solution.  

A home office retrieved from the rubble.

Office tidying up Change of Scene_Cambridge_1
Office tidying up_after Change of Scene_Cambridge_2

A welcoming, bright and tidy office loft created from a dark and disorganised space.

Office tidying up_before Change of Scene_Cambridge_3
Office tidying up_after Change of Scene_Cambridge_4

A neglected guest room was refreshed and transformed into an inviting get-away.

bedroom makeover_before_Change of Scene_Cambridge_1
bedroom makeover_Change of Scene_Cambridge_1

Repositioning furnishings from other parts of the house made for a sunny reading room and home office. 

office interior design_before_Change of Scene_Cambridge_1
office interior design_after_Change of Scene_Cambridge_40

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