Critical Acclaim

“Risa utilises her innate organisational abilities to great effect, getting things done quickly and effectively while still maintaining quality and attention to detail.” – Laura S.


“Our entry hall was just a space to throw things, but Risa has turned it into an elegant little room that makes me happy every time I walk into the house.” – Laura B.


“Risa found what we wanted in far less time than it would have taken us to do the shopping. She has an eye for detail, simple and elegant taste, and a willingness to work within my style preferences.”  – Allyn F.

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“Risa walked into my living room and within minutes was shifting furniture around like a whirling dervish.  When the dust settled the room was transformed. She has an aesthetic eye and superb, but practical, taste.” – Amy G.


“Our furniture had been purchased for a different house and we had carted too much stuff around. Risa recommended fixes that in a few hours transformed how our family lives. Spaces now stay clear and tidy for days, and cleaning is less overwhelming. The house feels lighter and more spacious and I feel more relaxed in it. Risa has a wonderful visual sense, coupled with a calm and reassuring manner. I have already booked several more hours of her time!” – Laura B.

“Risa stepped in and really helped refresh our main living area, working with what we had to inspire a fresh look in a space that had become stagnant. Risa has a natural sense for creating flow, grouping pieces and placing accessories and artwork.” – Chantal S.


“Risa is an excellent resource for design, styling and organizing and I am thrilled to refer her.  I have known Risa for many years. She is consistently delightful, creative, organised, dependable and prepared. She has a strong combination of creative style and practicality.” – Mary T.

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“Risa helped me rearrange my furniture and the results were amazing – the house looks and flows so much better now! She also helped me with a stack of boxes that I had procrastinated about unpacking. With Risa’s help, the boxes are gone – everything was put away or thrown out and I am beyond elated! I have a new room I can use and every time I pass by it, I breathe freer and deeper. Risa was great to work with. She has a gift for envisioning how things can look and she is efficient. I highly recommend her.” – Michelle B.


“Risa offered tasteful, sound advice on how to improve my existing interior design without making too many major changes. Her professional, down to earth and economical design suggestions were right in line with my vision. Risa told me what was working, what wasn’t and what simply needed a little tweaking. I couldn’t be happier with her recommendations!” – Sara T.

“Risa’s got a savvy sense of style and a great eye for identifying ways to vastly improve a space, from simply changing the direction of a rug to completely rearranging the furniture. Whether you want to make over your home but don’t know where to start or simply need help implementing your design ideas, I recommend Risa as your go-to person.” – Margie


“I knew that I wanted to work with Risa as soon as we met. She gave me wonderful on-the-spot suggestions for our “re-inspired” master bedroom project. Her fresh ideas, enthusiasm and ability to anticipate our needs carried through the entire project. Risa handled every aspect of the project with precision and professionalism and helped us stay within our moderate budget. We are very happy with the end result.” – Laurel H.

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